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Front Box Ticket for Sector 12, row "A"

Saturday, February 17th, 2024.


Tickets for front boxes at sector 12 row “a”, the sector is at the end of the parade.

Buying this product is a guarantee that your ticket will be for a front box at row “a”.

This area is composed by two lines of front boxes, rows “a” and “b” - a” is the closest one and “b” is the farthest one from the avenue.

Each front box contains a private area for only four tickets, one for each of its four numbered seats. A front box ticket is perfect to guarantee more privacy, comfort and perfect photos. This sector offers only a partial view of the ending of the parade.

Due to the difficult access for the even sectors, we recommend our customers to use the subway service or our shuttle service.

This ticket is valid for the parades of the carnival champions samba schools on Saturday Champions Parade (02-17-2024).

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