Sambadrome Tickets
Rio Carnival Tickets

You chose Monday, parade day of the following Schools.

Now, you have to choose to sector in which you want to watch the parades, and it can be:

  • sector 3 (in the beginning of the parade, a good location because you will be able to see a part of the concentration);
  • sector 10 (in front of the second percussion gathering area);
  • sector 5 (between the beginning and the middle of the parade, certainly the best parts of the parade);
  • sector 7 (in the middle of the avenue, the most central position possible);
  • sector 9 (one of the most wanted sectors, because it's the tourism sector);
  • sector 11 (beside the second percussion gathering area); or
  • sectors 6 or 13 (both located in the end of the avenue, last sectors before the dispersion).

To understand better, view our Sambadrome's sectors map.


  • sectors 9, 8, 7 or 6, in this order, because they are in a central position in the avenue, which offers a view of the best parts of the parade.

Click on the sector that you want to continue.