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VIP Box Ticket with Shuttle Service Included

Saturday, February 10th, 2024.


Individual entrance of a VIP Box with a capacity of 12 to 72 people.

They are extremely requested tickets by the samba lovers due to the high luxury, privacy, services and comfort that they offer.

Composed by a reserved area only for the VIP public, the VIP Box has a buffet service *with varied snacks, Japanese food, cheeses, fruits and breads; plus a full bar of national wines, beer, soda, coconut water and mineral water.

As the VIP Box has ample space for the limited amount of tickets available, our guests can expect much more tranquility, privacy and safety during the show, as well as easier access to services, windows (boxes of level one) or balconies (boxes of level two), compared to space lounges. Perfect for a complete carnival experience without losing the luxury and privacy during the greatest spectacle on Earth.

*Included in the Buffet: coxinha de galinha (traditional fried chicken ball), bolinho de bacalhau (fried codfish ball), bolinha de queijo (fried cheese ball), quibe (fried meat ball), camarão empanado (breaded shrimp), camarão recheado (stuffed shrimp), gourjões de peixe à sauce tártare (fried fish meat with tartar sauce), esfirra (fritter), filet aperitivo (filet appetizer), mini pizza, massas foleadas (baked stuffed pasta), pastéis de forno (baked stuffed pastry), canapé de salmão (French bread stuffed with salmon), canapé de siri (French bread stuffed with crab meat), canapé de presunto de Parma (French bread stuffed with Parma ham), canapé de presunto defumado (French bread stuffed with smoked ham), canapé de queijo (French bread stuffed with cheese), canapé de salaminho (French bread stuffed with salami). Cheese and cold cut boards accompanied by appropriate French wine for tasting. Japanese dishes: sushi, temaki, california and yakisoba.

This ticket is valid for the parades of the samba schools from serie “A” on Saturday (02-10-2024).

$ 407.00 USD

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