Sambadrome Tickets
Rio Carnival Tickets


tickets ranging
from $ 14.69
to $ 136.17 (USD)

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Numbered Grandstand

tickets ranging
from $ 45.39
to $ 246.71 (USD)

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Front Box (row "A")

tickets ranging
from $ 106.80
to $ 653.62 (USD)

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Front Box (row "A/B")

only now $ 96.12 (USD)

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Front Box (row "C/D")

tickets ranging
from $ 40.58
to $ 224.28 (USD)

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tickets ranging
from $ 400.50
to $ 14,418.00 (USD)

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Popular Grandstand

tickets ranging
from $ 16.02
to $ 20.03 (USD)

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Here are the different kinds of tickets for Sambadrome, being:

  • Grandstands (ideal seat for you to "mingle" with local people);
  • Numbered Grandstands (only in sector 9, which is the tourism sector);
  • Back Stalls (comfort for a low budget);
  • Open Boxes (comfort and good location);
  • Covered Boxes (the best seats in Sambadrome: privacy, comfort and exclusive services!) and
  • Popular Grandstands (smallest price, only).

To have a better Idea of the kinds of seats, how they are and where they stay, visit our Sambadrome map.

When you buy your ticket, you will acquire, necessarily, one of our exclusive kits of your wish (more information on the area of choosing your kit).


  • Covered Boxes: because of all heir exclusive services (VIP).
  • Open Boxes: because they are more comfortable and better located.

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