Costumes to Parade in Sambadrome: Pre Sale

Costumes to Parade in Sambadrome: Pre Sale

Get your costume and take part in this great event that is the Rio Carnival!

The samba schools have not yet developed their prototypes, so we do not have the images of costumes available. However we offer PRE_SALE promotion, where the customer pays 1,500.00 BRL and receives a bonus of 10% for the acquisition of any fantasy that we offer.


  • You can purchase any costume until the maximum value of 1,650.00 BRL without paying anything more for it.
  • If the value of the costume that you choose is less than 1,500.00 BRL you will receive the reimbursement between the costume value and the amount paid.
  • If you choose a costume with value exceeding 1,650.00 BRL, you only pay the difference over 1,650.00 BRL.

The 10% bonus is only valid for costumes, and may not be used in other products available on this site.

only now $ 265.05