Choosing Your Rio Carnival Tickets
CHOOSING THE PARADES to attend at the Sambadrome

CHOOSING THE PARADES: the first step for the BEST TICKETThe main and most important venue of the Samba School parades is the Sambadrome, a wide parading avenue sided by several blocks of seats. (You'll know more about the Sambadrome soon)

The Sambadrome hosts 6 grand parades every year during the Carnival season: they are the competitions most awaited by the caRIOcas (Rio born people). Five of these parades involve the top Schools whereas one of them promotes the Junior Schools.


the Samba Schools of Rio

To understand the importance of the Sambadrome parades in the samba community, you have to keep in mind that there are nearly 100 Samba Schools in Rio and that the highlight of their very existence is the Carnival season with its parading competition.

Schools are ranked hierarchically into 5 groups: the SPECIAL group and groups Gold, B, C and D. Each of these Samba School groups contains between 8 to 14 Schools which compete among themselves during the Carnival season. The winner becomes the group-champion of the year. As for the Junior Schools group, it's currently composed by 18 Schools.


Want to know how to say it in Brazilian Portuguese? Have a go!

samba school escola de samba
parade desfile
samba schools parade desfile de escolas de samba
special group grupo especial
gold group série ouro
champion Schools parade desfile das campeãs
Junior Schools escolas mirins

the competition

The competition makes every group-champion School of the year be promoted to the immediately superior group. Likewise, the Schools to score the least points in their groups are downgraded to the immediately inferior group.

Therefore all Schools strive to improve their positions within the general contest and to become group-champions. The champion of the Carnival is the champion of the SPECIAL GROUP.

The groups to parade through the Sambadrome during the Carnival season are the SPECIAL group and groups A and B. The Juniors parade the Friday just before the Carnival and the Champions - the 6 top Schools from the SPECIAL group - parade the Saturday afterwards.

Below, we present the schedule for RIO CARNIVAL 2024 grand parades at the Sambadrome. For more details about the best locations to watch the parades along the Sambadrome, check our next section, choosing the location.

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The schedule for RIO CARNIVAL 2024 grand parades at the Sambadrome goes as following:

Groups of Schools Date and Time for 2024 Schools Names Description nossa classificação
(1st parade)
Schools: 9 of 18
Friday, Feb. 28th
9:00pm to 4:20am
AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER Schools aspiring to ascend to the SPECIAL GROUP; narrate plots through samba, costumes and allegoric cars  
(2nd parade)
Schools: 9 of 18
Saturday, Mar. 01st
9:00pm to 4:20am
(1st parade)
Schools: 6 of 12
Sunday, Mar. 02nd
9:00pm to 3:50am
AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER high point of Carnival; magnificent and sumptuous parades; major Schools each with approximately. 5,000 members  
(2nd parade)
Schools: 6 of 12
Monday, Mar. 03rd
9:00pm to 3:50am
Junior Schools
Schools: 16
Tuesday, Mar. 04th
starting from 5:00pm
AVAILABLE IN FEBRUARY branches of major Schools, composed by children of their communities  
Champion Schools Parade
Schools: 6
Saturday, Mar. 08th
(after Carnival)
9:00pm to 3:50am
the six top Schools (from the Special Group) of Rio Carnival 2024

  1. Special attractions* - 08:00 p.m.
  2. 6th place
  3. 5th place
  4. 4th place
  5. 3rd place
  6. Vice-Champion
  7. Champion

* This presentations are occasional.



Now that you know the most important issues about the parades, you should check about THE LOCATION: THE VARIOUS SEATING AREAS.