Choosing Your Rio Carnival Tickets

Parades, location and seats: make the right CHOICES FOR TICKETSAttending the Samba Schools parades at the Sambadrome, Rio's official parading venue, is a unique experience. Samba Schools are the very essence of Rio's Carnival.

And being at the right place at the right time makes the whole difference. That's why it's so important that you buy THE TICKET THAT SUITS YOU BEST. At we do our most to help you make this decision with confidence and security.

Before BUYING your ticket we suggest you get acquainted with the various options of parades, locations and seats. Through an easy-to-read text filled with self-explanatory illustrations we disclose the major highlights and pitfalls of the various seating spots.

We are the only ones on the web to offer this detailed explanation, because we do care for your satisfaction. After all, tickets are hard to get and exchanging them might be a laborious task, or even an impossible one, if too close to the parades dates.

So, we consider it our obligation to provide all the information you need to choose your tickets carefully.

The first decision you have to make is to which parades to attend. Next we suggest you choose the location on the avenue from which to watch the parades and finally the type of seat that suits you best.

Therefore you can begin by CHOOSING THE PARADES.

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Samba music is the heart beat of the popular culture of Rio.

Samba Schools originated in the neighborhoods as communities associations or social clubs to provide entertainment and also to compete at the parades during the Carnival festivities.

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