The Carnival Balls

Carnival BallsRio offers a selection of Carnival balls you really cannot miss. A ticket to most Carnival balls will cost you around 40.00 USD to 1800.00 USD. Costumes are not mandatory, with the exception of a few balls. Putting on something special will help you get in the right mood, though coming with a group, you can reserve a table, or even a box.

A true Carnival Ball features live music. It's usually 2 bands taking turns, and sometimes there is a guest vocalist. Samba percussion is supposed to be very loud. Bring earplugs, if you have sensitive ears.

Balls usually don't start until 11pm and go strong until sunrise. There are a big variety of balls for all tastes: Gala Balls, Balls for singles Gay balls etc. Most of the balls are quite informal affairs, open to the middle and upper-middle classes of Rio (popular balls, cheaper, wilder and potentially dangerous are also readily available, please make sure you select well your ball, by asking us). Recommended only for Adults.

  • Copacabana Palace Ball - the most glamorous party in Rio. It happens on Saturday (Feb. 2nd). Its magnificent salons are decorated in a different theme every year. This is where the cream of Rio de Janeiro society and the city's celebrity can be seen.
    It starts at 11.00PM. Men and women dressed in black tie dance the night away to the sounds of a live band, in the breathtaking Golden Room. A traditional Carnival buffet is served and the party lasts until the wee hours. The ball has a different theme every year, and is where the most beautiful costumes can be seen. Gala dress - black tie or costume - is required for the Copa's ball.

    Adress: Copacabana Palace Hotel - Av. Atlântica, 1.702 Copacabana.

  • Scala Balls - Over the last few years; the Scala Club in Leblon has become an important centre for balls and has hosted many important balls. The last carnival Scala hosted the following balls:
    • Mangueira Ball - The traditional Mangueira samba school's rhythm plays during the ball.
    • Beija-Flor Ball - The traditional Beija-flor samba school's rhythm plays during the ball.
    • Salgueiro Ball - The traditional Salgueiro samba school's rhythm plays during the ball.
    • Red and Black - (the "Red and Black Ball") has developed a particular reputation as a no-holds-barred affair. Named after the colors of Rio's favorite football team, Flamengo, it's a media event with TV cameras scanning the crowds for famous faces.
    • Wonderful City - It is a tribute to the wonderful Rio de Janeiro city.
    • Scala Gala - Famous people can be seen here.
    • Galera or Radio Ball - Hip hop and other kind of music mix with samba.
    • Gala Gay - A fun event is the straight-friendly Scala Gay Costume Ball which stars exotic costumes, characters and grand entrances. People wear something colorful and fun.

    Adress: Scala - Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco 296. Leblon.

Rates for Carnival Balls will be available only in December 2024.