About our Localization
Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! Welcome to Píer Carioca!

About our LocalizationThe tourism agency Pier Carioca is located at the gateway of the “Wonderful City”. We are on the edge of Guanabara Bay, where the cruise ships arrive to join our city. Our location includes all doors of entry for tourists in the city, whether by sea, land or air. Well, we are within a few miles of the Novo Rio Bus Station and also from Santos Dumont and Tom Jobim airports.

In the historic, commercial and financial center of Rio de Janeiro, our location is privileged because the port is between two touristic spots of great relevance, Buzios and Angra dos Reis, right routes of these cruise ships. It is worth mentioning that the visitor can land and walk through all the attractions of Rio Center, specially knowing the historical region, cradle of the birth of samba and carnival.

Historically the region was the scene of the birth of samba and of the large trade of slaves that arrived by ship, which has rocked the city with their drumming. It was there where the first ranches carnival and samba circles had first appeared.

After nearly a century, the tradition continues, specially with the construction of the Samba City, located on the same region.

With the name of Rio de Janeiro for the host of the 2016 Olympic Games, the region’s largest city gained visibility and undergoes a architectural and urban planning makeover.