The team of CarnivalService.com aims for a transparent relationship with our clients based on mutual trust. In order to make clear the operations of our system, we have listed below the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the sales and delivery of our products and services. If you don't find the answer to your question there, please don't hesitate to use our Live Support or contact us.

At what time are the gates opened?

At 5:00 in the afternoon;

At what time is the "No Show" for the Sambadrome Tickets?

The "No Show" is given to any purchase that is not properly collected up to 7pm (Brasilian Time) on the day of the parade.

In case you need to collect your tickets after the stipulated time, it will be your responsibility to inform us of what happened with at least 3 days in advance. Otherwise, nothing can be done to avoid the "No Show".

Can I buy the tickets with LIESA?

Only if you are Brazilian or naturalized Brazilian, for LIESA does not make sales to foreign people.

Can I change the time? How?

You can change the time at most three times, until February 3. Sign in to access your private content. Click on my purchases, and after on the button "see your order". Another box will appear with your order. Then, Click on "edit delivery time" button.

Does the child pay? If yes, does she/he has some difference in the value?

Starting from the age of 05 (five) the child should carry the same type of the parents' tickets.

How and when do I know that my tickets were in fact reserved?

As soon as you click in the button "Pay Now" a voucher will be generated with a "Order Number" exclusive of this operation. This voucher only guarantees your purchase in case the payment is confirmed with VISA or PayPal.

The VISA or PayPal, in most of the cases, informs us immediately that the purchase was generated and the payment confirmed (mainly when the purchase is accomplished with credit card), however, in some rare cases, the confirmation of the payment can take up to 5 business days.

How do I change the delivery address?

You can change the address anytime up to one month before the carnival starts. You can do the change by sending us an e-mail so that our operators can do it for you or you can do it by yourself at your privatte account.

How do I inform you the delivery address?

   Sign in to access your private content. Click on my purchase, and after on the button "see your order". Another box will appear with your order. Then, Click on "insert delivery address" button. Finally, fill the form with your address, and if you want you'll can authorize other people to receive the ticket for you. So, in this case, write their names in the appropriate field.

How do I inform you the time to collect the tickets and/or costumes at your office?

When you create your purchase you will be automatically directed to the booking for the ticket pick up or delivery. You will only need to select the best date and hour for you to receive/collect your tickets. You will also need to send us the name and the passport number of the authorized people who can receive your tickets. Keep in mind that we need this information and we will NOT give your tickets to any person who is not on the list you sent to us. The passport (or a copy of your passport) will also be needed at the time of the ticket pick up/delivery.

So we advice you to send us the correct information.

How do I make a purchase?

   Your purchase can be divided into the 4 following steps:

   The first step is where you FILL IN FORM selecting what type of seat, the sector on avenue and the day and amount of your ticket(s). Click on add to place the ticket(s) in your cart. If you're buying another product just click on add or buy now next to the picture of it.

   Next the second step: MANAGING YOUR CART. You can see your product or service, change the amount of it, or exclude it, claim for specific discounts if you have a cupon or arranging for transfers.

   Then, after you do that and click on next you'll have to sign up to continue. You'll see the AUTHENTICATION PAGE where you have to enter your email. This is the third step. Click on next register your information and create a password. After that, if you accept the terms of agreement, click on next to see your cart, CHOOSE THE PAYMENT METHOD and finally, to conclude your purchase (fourth and last step), click on Pay Now. You will be redirected to the payment site (VISA or PAYPAL sites).

   To see a more detailed explanation see our step by step.

How does the pick up of my order happen?

To receive your purchase it will be needed the presentation of a document with photo (or a copy of a document with photo) and the code of your order. Keep in mind that it will be needed to make a copy of your document to attach it on the receipt. You will be asked to verify your tickets and, once you have checked that everything is OK, you will need to sign the receipt. Once it is finished, you can receive your ticket and we will keep the receipt.
All orders, with NO EXCEPTION, should be delivered upon presentation of an identification document with photo and all receipts shall be valid only if they are attached to a copy of the same documentation. No order will be collected without the presentation and copy of the customer's document.

How long should I wait for the deliverer?

You should wait 3 hours, which is the delivery period. If the deliverer doesn't find you at the appointed address, he will wait up to 15 minutes. For example, if we fix the delivery period from 8:00 up to 11:00 and the deliverer arrives on the place at 8:45 he will just await up to 9:00 and not up to 10:00. Please, notice: this 2 hours period is the time you should await the delivery, in other words, this is NOT the time the deliverer will be at your disposal.

I have in my hands the voucher and the receipt of payment. Does it mean that my tickets are already reserved?

Yes, in most of the cases. However there are exceptions when two people make all procedures at the same time. If this happens the system will block both purchases at the end of the day. So, in these cases, we will contact the customers looking for a convenient solution or simply return the whole amount paid.

In any way, I want to do the retreat of the tickets in LIESA, is that possible?

If even conscious that this service is offered by us you want to do the ticket withdrawal with LIESA, we will accept your wish, however, no money will be refunded and we will charge you a fee for special delivery (because the change of the vouchers by the tickets is done one week before our official dates of delivery).

Is there difference between buying in the site or in a representative in my country?

The prices from the site and from each one of the representatives can differ (there isn't how to guarantee that the site or the representative has the best price, because in many cases there are special promotions for the representatives that allows them to market at smaller prices than the ones of the site). There are some special promotions that you will only be able to acquire with the representative and others that are exclusive of the site. In all the other cases, as delivery periods, delivery costs, among others, there is no difference.

Is there specific area for handicaped people in Sambadrome?

There are in Sambadrome, 02 specific areas for physical handicaped people:

  1. First: next to Apoteose Square, after the individual chairs of the sector 13, 270 places are made available for physical handicaped people with right to 240 companions (these tickets are free and distributed by the physical handicaped people association / riotur / city hall - directly with these organs).

  2. Second: next to sector 04 of Sambadrome, with capacity for 25 handicaped people and their respective companions, but this ticket must be paid and costs about (in 2009, just orders) $450,00, price that corresponds to a open box place in the sector 04.

What happen in case I am not?

We will inform you the date and hour of the delivery. In case you are not at the place, or haven't authorized a person in our system for receiving the tickets instead of you in the fixed period, we will have to make an appointment for a new delivery. Then, a tax of special delivery will be charged.

What if the delivery is not accomplished at the stipulated time?

At the Carnival season there are a lot of changes in City since it's a holiday. Sometimes it happens some unpredictable Carnival street manifestations and several huges floats are going over the main avenue on Downtown. If, by chance, due to the bad traffic or any other reason, the deliverer doesn't arrive on the stipulated time, don't worry, we will contact you or the reception of the hotel informing about the delay and we will accomplish the delivery without any cost for you.

What is "NO SHOW"?

The "NO SHOW" is a purchase status which is granted when a customer does not show up for the booked date for picking up his purchase.

  • "NO SHOW" for tickets and costumes: it is granted on the ending of the last service day before the event's time.
  • "NO SHOW" for hotels, cruise ships, flights and other accommodations: it is granted when the costumer does not show up at the event for which he paid.
  • "NO SHOW" for city tours: it is granted when the costumer does not show up at the time the event starts or does not send us the informations needed for us to finish the reservation up to 24 hours before the event starts.

In every case of "NO SHOW" the client will not have the right to any kind of refund or compensation because of the cancellation of the purchase.

What is allowed to be carried in thermal bag ? How much does can he/she?

The person can take up to 02 (two) plastic vessels of 500 ml with drink (water, juice, soft drink or beer) and up to 02 (two) food items (fruits, sandwiches and so on). It continues forbidden to entry with coolbox, bottles, bags, weapons and cutting objects.

What is the minimum age allowed for children?

It is only allowed children with age higher than 5 (five) years old, even if they are with their parents.

When and how do I receive my tickets?

Although tickets are allocated very early by the authorities (RIOTUR and LIESA), at the first moment only vouchers are issued to agencies and applicants. These vouchers are later exchanged for the actual magnetic tickets, usually one week before the Carnival. This is for security reasons and to avoid fraud..

Why am I not able to receive the payment book and to do the withdrawal of the tickets?

Because that is part of the service that we are offering you. Once you have acquired the tickets, you'll be receiving the following services: the reservation of the tickets with LIESA, the purchase of the tickets (when we acquire vouchers), the exchange of vouchers for the actual magnetic tickets, the delivery here in Rio de Janeiro and general information about all Carnival activities in Rio de Janeiro.

Why does the delivery only happen in Rio de Janeiro and so next to the carnival?

To avoid frauds and tickets forgery, LIESA (Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba), the organizing body of the event, has determined that the actual tickets are to be available only a few days prior to the Carnival (one week, usually). LIESA supplies the buyer with a voucher, that is, a legal receipt that is exchanged for the actual ticket at an established date the week before the event.

You do not have the tickets I bought. What should I do?

The majority of the cases that your tickets are not with us by the momento of the ticket pick up happen because LIESA/ABAV has not sent them to us yet. Keep in mind that this may not represent any change in your purchase, but a delay for its delivery. But there are some special cases in which we do not receive the tickets we requested them at all.

If at the time of your delivery or pick up we do not have the product you have bought from us due to the non-receipt of the tickets, there will be three different ways to solve this problem: a UPGRADE, a SIMILAR CHANGE or a DOWNGRADE.

  • UPGRADE: it happens when the tickets you bought are not with us, so they are changed for better and more expensive tickets we have available. The customer receives better tickets without any aditional charge
  • SIMILAR CHANGE: it happens when the tickets you bought are changed for similar tickets which have the same prices (for example: sectors 6 and 7).
  • DOWNGRADE: this is a a rare case in which both better and similar tickets are unavailable. In this case we need to give you the best tickets we have in hands and refund you for the diference between the prices of the ticket you paid and the ticket you received. The refund is made through the same method you used for making the payment.

Keep in mind that any of the mentioned cases can be informed to you in up to 24 hours before the booked delivery day. Due to this fact it is important to the customer to always check his e-mail.