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  • CHOOSING THE PARADES to attend at the Sambadrome

    The main and most important venue of the Samba School parades is the Sambadrome, a wide parading avenue sided by several blocks of seats. (You'll know more about the Sambadrome soon).

  • CHOOSING THE LOCATION: the various seating areas

    Choosing the best location to seat along Sambadrome, the official parade avenue, is of the utmost importance. As Schools move along the grounds they evolve, so that each seating location witnesses unique aspects of the Schools performances.

  • CHOOSING SEATS in the Sambodrome

    As a general rule, the lowest and most upfront seats offer an involving and exhilarating experience because of their proximity to the avenue. On the other hand, the highest seats have a privileged panorama of the whole parading grounds.

Participation in the parades of the samba schools in the Sambadrome, the official stage of the carioca Carnival, is a unique experience. This is the essence of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Being in the right place and at the right time makes all the difference. So it is important to purchase the ticket that adapts better to you. We, at, do our best to ensure that you receive every assistance to make your decision with confidence and security.


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